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shoegaze's Journal

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this is a community for those who like shoegaze. hopefully it will be a place where people can post reviews (of records, labels, shows, etc), ask questions (ie where to find an obscure record, who's worth listening to live, etc), share resources (ie addresses, web sites), get info for swapping mix tapes, or post news concerning typical (and not so typical) shoegaze bands.

it'd be great it this took off, at least somewhat. i created this community in hopes of gathering some information--i'm a bit rusty in my shoegaze worship. also i'm curious as to how many ljers really like this kind-of-genre.

i'm not a super active moderator; my apologies in advance if i'm slow or lax in trying to keep this community going. nevertheless, i'm hoping to learn some new things about shoegaze.
4ad, a.r. kane, alastair galbraith, alex chilton, ambiguity, american analog set, arab strap, astrobrite, auburn lull, autumn, azusa plane, bardo pond, bauhaus, bedhead, bethany curve, bilinda butcher, blind mr. jones, blissed out, boards of canada, bowery electric, brian eno, cacophony, catherine wheel, chairkickers.com, chamber pop, charlatans uk, cocteau twins, codeine, coil, curve, damon and naomi, david bowie, david roback, dead can dance, dirty three, dissonance, distortion, diy, dream pop, dreampop, dreamscape, drone, drugstore, edith frost, erik satie, ethereal sounds, expectdelay.com, experimental audio research, experimental music, flowchart, flying saucer attack, galaxie 500, geraldine fibbers, ghost folk, godspeed you black emperor!, his name is alive, hope blister, hope sandoval, hum, idaho, indie rock, instrumental music, instrumentals, iris dement, jessica bailiff, jesus and mary chain, joy division, julie doiron, kevin shields, kranky, krautrock, labradford, laika, lisa germano, loomer, losing today, love and rockets, lovesliescrushing, low, luna, lush, macha, mark eitzel, mark kozelek, mazzy star, mercury rev, mira, mix tapes, mogwai, mojave 3, moonshake, music, music production, my bloody valentine, neil halstead, nick drake, noise, opal, orchestral, pale saints, pet sounds, piano magic, rachel's, raydeen, red house painters, ride, sadcore, screen prints, secret shine, shoegaze, should, shows, sianspheric, sigur ros, slowcore, slowdive, snorecore, so-called post-rock, sohn, sound production, space rock, spacemen 3, spain, sparklehorse, spectrum, spires of oxford, spiritualized, starlight mints, stars of the lid, stereolab, suprashiny, swirlies, take a nap, techno pop, th' faith healers, the autumns, the cranes, the new year, the verve, this mortal coil, tristeza, twisted pop, vinyl, walls of sound, warren defever, windsor for the derby, windy and carl, winter vacation, yo la tengo, zines

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